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Somers Yacht Club Terms and Conditions

GUIDELINES FOR Membership Renewal Information

Fees are due and payable on October 1. 

Membership categories for both Sailing and Social include:

  • Adults     25 years & over as at 1 July 2024
  • Family      Member, spouse/partner and dependent children under 18 as at 1 July 2024 and children aged 18 – 24 as at 1 July 2024 engaged in full-time education;
  • Junior       Aged 8 to 24 as at 1 July 2024 and not part of a Family Membership;
  • Absentee   Members expecting to be absent from the club for the full year. Request must be made to the General Committee prior to 31st Dec. Applicants need to understand that whilst an absentee you do not enjoy the privileges of the club as the assumption is that you will not be using the club.
  • Life Members (and their spouse/partner) are exempt from fees under this section

Sailors – Yachts need to be registered each new Club Year from 1st Oct.  Registration is required for all boats using the Yacht Club and boats will not be eligible for racing unless registered in the current sailing year. 


Club Rule 59  requires members desiring to use the facilities of the club for their yacht, including the yard, ramps, storage and other facilities, to apply each season to have their boat registered on the Yacht Register. The owner of each boat shall ensure the boat complies and is maintained in accordance with Yachting Australia Special Regulations Part 2, as detailed in the Racing Rules of Sailing. The skipper and crew agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing, The Yachting Australia Prescriptions and Special Regulations and the Sailing Instructions of the Somers Yacht Club. The following summary is provided to assist boat owners to comply with the mandatory Yachting Australia Special Regulations Part 2 (Off-the Beach Boats). Boats accepted onto the Yacht Register may be inspected at any time and any boat that does not comply with the Special Regulations may have their entry rejected, or be liable for disqualification or other such penalty as may be prescribed, including removal from the yard.

  • Hollow masts shall be completely sealed or self draining
  • Centreboards shall be securely attached to hull(s)
  • Rudder boxes shall be securely fastened to hull, or rudder pintle of each rudder have a stainless steel retaining pin
  • Rudder blades shall be securely fastened to the boat when afloat
  • Boats shall carry a bailer, unless substantially self draining
  • Crews shall be able to demonstrate the location of the tow point
  • Hull identification must be located on the transom or rear beam, or the outboard section of the hull(s) and must be of required thickness and size, and of contrasting colour
  • Sail No. and Boat Name letters 50mm high and 8mm thick. Name of registered club 20mm high and 4mm thick
  • All crew members must wear an approved PFD in good repair
  • Inflatable PFDs shall not be used


Owner’s Declaration

I understand my obligations under Yachting Australia Regulations Part 2, and undertake to maintain the boat and equipment in good order.  I undertake to familiarise any person I allow to be in charge of the boat with the responsibilities as stated in the Racing Rules of Sailing, Yachting Australia Prescriptions and Special Regulations.  I undertake not to leave the boat in the club yard overnight other than in a space allocated to me by the Rear Commodore or his delegate.  I understand it is my obligation to fully tie down the boat whilst stored in the yard.

I acknowledge that the allocation of a space in the club yard represents a revokable licence and does not in any way convey proprietary rights to me by the club.  I undertake to withdraw my boat from the yard if directed by the Rear Commodore or his delegate for limited periods to facilitate storage of boats engaged in Title Series or Regattas being conducted by the club with no right to rebate of the Yard Storage FeeThe Boat Registration and Compliance Declaration must be completed annually for each boat to be placed on the club’s Yacht Register.  It is required that any boat using the Yacht Club to launch their boat must have registered the boat for the current sailing year.  It is also required for a race entry card to be issued for participation in club races. The form is an important (and compulsory) requirement that must be administered by the club in keeping with Australian Sailing Rules

Yard Space:  Preference will again be given to active sailors. Once we receive your payment and completed Boat Registration Information, your boat will be listed on the club’s Yacht Register and a yard space allocated if it has been requested.

Australian Sailing Registration

All members are registered with Australian Sailing. On receipt of your renewal payment members will be updated on the Australian Sailing register.  Your email address will be provided to AS as all future communications from them will be by email.

Please note that sailing memberships allows you to sail in club races.  Non sailing members are able to sail as a crew member for 3 races and then they should upgrade their membership to Sailing. 

The AS Registration Number acknowledges each person’s membership to the yacht club and provides for personal accident insurance cover when sailing or involved in the club’s activities for members aged between 5 and 85 years.

Yard keys are a one off fee paid when applying, whereas Locker Fees are an annual fee for those who hold lockers. 

Contact: Libby Moore 0413 860 371 to find out if lockers are available

The information you provide will be used for contacting members by telephone, mail and email when needed.  Some information will be provided to Australian Sailing as required by our affiliation requirements.





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