Somers Yacht Club Inc


The Somers Yacht Club racing fleet gathers on Saturday afternoons between October and April and comprises of mixed classes which include both catamarans and mono hulls. This is supported by our excellent Sea Rescue facilities that support our competitive yet friendly racing calendar.

Classes sailed include Catamarans of Tornado, Mosquito, A Class,  Wild Cat, Hobie 14, 16, Hobie Turbo, Dragoon, Paper Tiger, Tiapan, and Mono Hulls of Tasar, Contender, 470, 420, Laser, Sabre, Impulse, Finn, Solo, Pacer, 125, Optimist, Hawk and Open skiff.  
All Off the Beach boats are most welcome.


SYC Weekly Activities

  •  Friday Night Dinners - Every Friday Night our Chef from The Somers General
                                            produces a variety of meals.
                                            Menu and TryBookings link can be found in the Mid Week News
  • Bridge - Every Friday at 3:45 pm.

SYC Email Address: ssyc2@bigpond.com 

Somers Yacht Club via Google Maps.

Address: 99 Alexandra Ave, Somers, Victoria, 3927
                          PO Box 129, Somers, Victoria, 3927 



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