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Health & Safety

Incident Report Forms

In order to provide a safe environment for our members and visitors, we want to know about all incidents relating to physical harm or illness, inappropriate behaviours and incidents relating to child safety. If you have been involved in or witnessed any incidents, please complete an incident report form available below.

Incident Report Form

Smokefree Policy

SYC is committed to promoting a healthy and safe environment for all members and visitors. To this end, and to align with member expectations, the club has reviewed its smoking policy with the following outcomes:

  1. All areas within the fencing of the club are now designated as smoke-free zones. This includes all parts of the yard, the yard arm and the decking.
  2. All enclosed areas of the club continue to be smoke-free zones. This includes the tower, the shipping container and the boat shed.
  3. The tractor and patrol boats (and the area immediately surrounding the tractor and patrol boats) are designated smoke-free zones. This includes when on the concourse, beach or in the water.
  4. At Somers Yacht Club, the definition of smoking has been expanded to include e-cigarettes (also known as vapes).


Sunsmart Policy

Somers Yacht Club understands the importance of protecting ourselves from the accumulation of the sun's UV rays, as we enjoy our sport and socialising outdoors. View our Sunsmart Policy here


Child Safety

Our Club recognises the importance of providing a safe environment for children so they can get the most out of the range of activities the club has to offer. The club has just reviewed its code of conduct and all members are required to adhere to the Child Safety Code of Conduct, which can be viewed here: Child Safety Code of Conduct


Members Protection

For non-urgent health and safety enquiries, please email whs@somersyachtclub.com.au


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